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The Boater's Lounge - S2E8: Know Your Marine Forecast! feat. Bob Arrington

Regardless of your area or the type of vessel you operate, weather affects everyone and your experience on the water! Whether you’re embarking on a day cruise to a nearby island, restaurant, heading out for an offshore fishing trip, or navigating the ICW, knowing your marine forecast BEFORE setting sail is absolutely crucial.

In this episode, hear Allie, Andy and boating expert, Bob Arrington , talk about understanding weather on the water and how it can impact your boating experience. Bob shares valuable insights on

  • where to find reliable forecasts
  • the best apps and platforms he utilizes every day, like SiriusXM Marine
  • what key factors to look for
  • and the importance of knowing when to quit!

But have no fear! We cover all the essentials for you to be prepared and enjoy your trip out on the water! Listen here: https://lnkd.in/euX4kzDW

or on your preferred podcast platform.