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The Boater's Lounge - S2E7: SAY YES! Prioritizing Safety & Maintenance at Marinas


Safety at marinas is one of our most important priorities. From entering the marina, walking the docks, boarding your vessel and when you come back, our team aims to take the most care of our facilities to ensure you are in a safe environment every time you visit.

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In this episode listen we are talking to the main man when considering safety and maintaining marinas in the Chesapeake Bay area, Herve Satta! Herve has been with Oasis for over 7 years and operates as our Safety & Maintenance Manager. With a rich and fun Italian history and contracting background, Herve runs point for our local properties when it comes to safety checks and procedures.

Listen to Allie & Andy talk about…

  • Herve’s day-to-day responsibilities and how his role has evolved over time
  • The biggest safety issues and challenges he sees at properties
  • the recent projects he has completed
  • and Herve’s background and upbringing in La Maddelena, Italy

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