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The Boater's Lounge - S2E3: 3D Forward Looking Sonar


We are learning about some seriously important technology in this one! FarSounder is leading the industry with their latest 3D forward looking sonar products. Now with the Argos350, more recreational boaters can utilize this technology that allows captains to see what is in front of their vessel in real time.

Listen Here!

We have FarSounder CEO Matthew Zimmerman on to talk us through what 3D forward looking sonar is, how it works, and all the good it is doing for the industry around the globe.
Hear how FarSounder & their products are…

  • helping save our environment by allowing captains to see marine animals and hazards in front of them so as to not hit them
  • assisting in a major global initiative, Seabed 2030, to map the world’s seafloor
  • and improving charts for future trips!

You can also see the visuals Matthew is presenting on our YouTube channel!

Learn more about FarSounder at www.farsounder.com
and check out more videos with Matthew and this technology on FarSounder’s YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@FarSounder