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The Boater's Lounge - S2E13: Anchors Aweigh! ⚓️ Top tips for the anchoring process

“Welcome to The Boater’s Lounge!

Anchoring is a pretty controversial subject in the boating community – whether it’s deciding on the right anchor to use, the location you are in or how to operate the windlass, there are many directions this topic can go off in. Today we have our educational resource and a podcast favorite, Bob Arrington, on to take us through the main ANCHORING PROCESS! So before taking a listen, be sure to already know the type of bottom you’ll be in, and the type of anchor you will drop.

Listen Here

Hear Bob’s tips and anchoring highlights including…

  • Communication between the person at the helm and the one operating the windlass
  • Why knowing your water depth + distance from the water to your bow is so important
  • How we determine how much rode to play out
  • and so much more!

We had a ton of fun in this one – we hope you enjoy and utilize these skills next time you are out enjoying the water!

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