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The Boater's Lounge - S2E1: The Oasis Boat Club is here! 😎

Welcome to The Boater’s Lounge!

We are kicking off season 2 with some HUGE news from Oasis Marinas…our new boat club has officially launched! The Oasis Boat Club is here and we can’t wait to serve you at our first membership location, The Wharf Marina in DC!

This premier boaters-first boat club features a fleet of Cobia and Scout boats, and is the perfect alternative for boat ownership. You can still access the water with your friends & family without traditional boat ownership pain points. Oasis is excited to bring more people onto the water with this brand-new line of business that is easy to join, and even easier to use.

Allie & Andy have Oasis Boat Club Director Quincey Price and Sr. Marketing Manager Kevin Harvey on to talk more about the Club, it’s location in DC, member amenities and more! To learn more about OBC membership options and amenities, check out the new website here: https://theoasisboatclub.com/ and connect with OBC on Facebook and Instagram @oasisboatclub

Listen here!

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