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The Boater's Lounge - Ep 9 David Gee & the Future of the Recreational Boating Industry

The start of the new year means looking forward to what is to come in the exciting year ahead! To help us look deeper into what 2023 may bring to the recreational boating industry, we have David Gee with us. David is a lifelong boater from the midwest, and spent the last 3.5 years as the editor in chief of Boating Industry. Now as a speaker, storyteller and author of 3 Second Selling (the sales and marketing platform), David joins Oasis Marinas Founder, Dan Cowens in an insightful episode on the state of the recreational boating industry.

Listen here!

Enjoy this conversation covering…

  1. David Gee’s background and experience
  2. The Elevate Summit that brings together all components of this great industry
  3. The growing boat market
  4. What we can do to support this new group of boaters & attract more people to the water
  5. and perhaps what softening demand means for the industry this year and in years to come

To learn about David Gee and his 3 Second Selling platform, see more here: https://3secondselling.com/

And listen to David on the Boating Industry Insider podcast here: https://boatingindustry.com/insider/

Look out for Oasis Marinas Founder, Dan Cowens, episode on the podcast soon! Have a guest or topic you’d like us to have in the Boater’s Lounge? Let us know! Email our team at marketing@oasismarinas.com.