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The Boater's Lounge - Ep 8 Boating the Great Lakes

Did you know the Great Lakes region is the #1 boating region in the US?! We had to catch up with our good friend and industry partner, Erik Kyle, to talk to about one of his greatest passions – the Great Lakes! In this episode the marketing duo of Allie Modica and Kevin Harvey sit down with Erik Kyle, the CEO of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt, Latitudes & Attitudes and Kyle Media , to discuss the most underrated boating markets in the entire country.

Listen here to hear Erik walk us through…

  1. how he got started in the industry and role with Great Lakes Scuttlebutt and Latitudes & Attitudes today
  2. the five Great Lakes – Huron, Superior, Erie, Ontario & Michigan – and what makes each of them so special
  3. top destinations to visit on the waterfront
  4. Lake Erie recreational boating habits
  5. and his cigar recommendations while on the boat 🙂

To learn more about Latitudes & Attitudes, click here https://latsatts.com/ and for more on Great Lakes Scuttlebutt, click here https://www.greatlakesscuttlebutt.com/

Oasis Marinas currently manages FIVE remarkable marinas in the Great Lakes region! Be sure to visit us at:

  1. Battery Park Marina (Sandusky, OH)
  2. North Coast Harbor (Cleveland, OH)
  3. Port Lorain (Lorain, OH)
  4. Port Conneaut (Conneaut, OH)
  5. Doynes Marine (Portage, IN)

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