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The Boater's Lounge - EP 19: The Lippert Captain's Community

This week we have an industry partner on to talk about all things Lippert. Lippert is the top provider for marine and RV brands like Taylor Made and SureShade! Allie sits down to talk to the always fun and passionate Lippert Marine Community Coordinator, Megan O’Donnell to discuss…

  • Lippert brands and marine products our boater’s may be familiar with and where to get there hands on them
  • Introduce the Lippert Captain’s Community, where boaters can connect with each other and Lippert representatives to better their boats and overall experience
  • and the Lippert app where boaters can test products, give feedback and converse on marine centered challenges and successes!

Listen Here

To learn more on Lippert products, check them out here:

(They also serve the RV space!)

Connect with Lippert Captain’s on their Facebook page, Lippert Captain’s: The Community – and find the Lippert app on the App Store to start interacting with Megan, her team, and the entire boating community!

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