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The Boater's Lounge - EP 16: Are you using Argo yet?

Today Allie and Andy are talking to recent viral sensation, Jeff Foulk, Founder & CEO of Argo! Argo is a free boating navigation and social app where boaters can chart routes, select points of interest and connect with other boaters in their area. Since starting in November 2018, Argo now has over 130,000 registered users! Jeff has been featured on local news outlets, The New York Times, CNN and more after going viral on TikTok last month! If you are not familiar with Jeff’s story or the app, see what all the buzz is about here –> https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/28/business/tiktok-argo-navigation-boating-app.html

Allie and Andy catch up with Jeff on…

  1. His recent social media success and how it has sprung Argo into it’s next phase
  2. How Jeff started the app and it’s current capabilities
  3. and the future capabilities and goals for the app

View the TikTok that made Jeff and Argo boating famous here: https://www.tiktok.com/@argonavigation/video/7188589858695384366?lang=en
See more on the app here: https://argonav.io/

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