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NEW video series for both new & experienced boaters!

We are excited to share our new Boat Handling & Safety video series with you. Our four-part video series guides you through essential topics in the boating industry, like the arrival experience, marina departures, mastering your pre-departure checklist, and how to ace the marina approach.

Hosted by our friend and boating expert, Bob Arrington, we know you will love this series! And what’s not to love about the backdrop?

Thank you to Westshore Yacht Club Marina for having us out on this lovely day in Tampa FL.

Check out our videos as we release one each week! Boat Handling & Safety Episode 1: The Arrival Experience Freshen up on the top steps to take to safely bring your boat into a marina and ensure a smooth and secure arrival. In this video, Bob shares valuable insights on the necessary lines and fenders to have on board, and how to effectively secure them once in the slip. Learn expert tips on communicating with dock hands, the dock master, and how to handle unpredictable elements like wind. Watch Here

Boat Handling & Safety Episode 2: Departing Enhance your skills by taking this chance to review important steps and essential techniques for safely departing a marina with your vessel. In this video, Bob shares valuable insights on the proper sequence for removing lines along with their respective functions. Learn expert tips on inspecting your slip before departure along with everything in between to ensure a seamless exit from the marina. Watch Here

Boat Handling & Safety Episode 3: Pre-Departure Checklist Master the Pre-Departure Checklist and gain vital insights into preparing your vessel, both internally and externally, to ensure no crucial steps are overlooked. This invaluable checklist ensures that every facet of your boat is in its prime condition and completely functional before you set sail on your voyage. Watch Here