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Fuel Docks: Location and Accessibility are Key!

For boaters, a trip to the fuel dock is a necessary evil. Yes, it lightens your wallet, but it makes your prized boat go! Here are a few tips and tricks to make your next stop at the pumps smooth sailing.

Fuel Dock Locations

Check our Oasis Marinas Fuel Map to navigate to a fueling station today!

Locating a fuel dock is often a boater’s biggest obstacle. And you don’t want to be searching for a fuel dock when the needle on your gas gage is already low. The trick is to plan ahead. Whether you’re cruising locally or charting a course down the entire East Coast, know where the fuel docks are before you push off.

Here is an interactive map that makes finding a fuel dock at a quality marina as easy as clicking your mouse.

Fuel Dock Accessibility

If you can’t easily and safely pull up to a fuel dock, keep going. If you’re a seasoned boater, you know that, surprisingly, not all fuel docks are thoughtfully designed with the boater in mind.

When selecting a fuel dock, choose one that is located in a protected area away from wave action and heavy traffic. This is particularly important in areas with changing water levels.

What Else to Look for in a Fuel Dock?

If you find a fuel dock that you can easily and safely pull up to, and is in a protected area, there are still a few things to keep an eye out for:

· Clearly marked access to fuel docks so that vessels can que and have adequate space
· Stable, clean and well-maintained docks
· A selection of available fuels – boaters typically search for a minimum of unleaded gasoline and outboard motor oil
· Clean and well-maintained fuel dispensers – operational nozzles and hoses as well as functioning fire/shear valves, and breakaway devices
· Clearly posted prices, pump signs and decals
· Fire extinguishers should be nearby, accessible and appropriately signed with operating instructions and current inspection tags
· No smoking signs should be posted near the fuel pumps, and reinforced

When to Visit a Fuel Dock

Running out of fuel is the number one cause of angst and distress for boaters. It can be completely eliminated by making sure that you calculate your fuel requirements as you plan your trip. For short trips, it will mean carrying enough fuel to get you there and back. For longer adventures, it means knowing where the fuel docks are ahead of time and visiting them along the way.

We suggest you use the boater’s “rule of thirds” when calculating the fuel needs for your trip:

· One-third to go out
· One-third to get back
· One-third held in reserve

Fueling your boat should never be a source of anxiety. It’s really very simple if you know where to look and what to look for. So, go ahead and top it off!

Let us know where your tried and true fuel docks are located! Help out the boating community by commenting ones that you endorse!

Written by: Jo Montgomery