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Family Activities to Do on a Lake When Boating

Lakeshore Resort & Marina, 2022

Boating on a crystal-clear lake is one of the most fun and relaxing recreational activities you can do with the whole family! Boaters know that it’s a perfect family pastime for every age. Plus, you can’t help but feel energized by the sunshine, the fresh air and the amazing, ever changing panorama.

However, cruising itself is just a small part of the endless variety of activities to choose from when lake boating. From the laid back to the adventurous, there are boating activities for everyone and every age. But we know that sometimes it’s hard to think of new things to do when you’re boating on the lake all day, or for several days. If you’re looking for ideas, we’ve got ‘em! Here are a few fun family pursuits for boating on a lake with your family – that won’t cost you a pirate’s ransom.


Yes, you can argue that sleeping on your boat is already a bit like camping, but if you leave the dock and anchor out on a mooring ball or in a cove, you’ve taken it to a whole new level. Surrounded by the great outdoors, it’s the perfect time for family bonding. You may even want to get away from technology completely and turn it into old fashioned camping. Get up close and personal with a private cove, the sounds of nature, and the Milky Way. The whole point of boat camping is to have fun, after all. So, make sure you plan ahead and double-check everything so you’ll have all the provisions you need. Oh, and perhaps brush up on some scary storytelling!

Another unique camping adventure, especially if you are craving a little time on land, is to spend a night in an authentic lakeside mountain cabin. At the Lakeshore Resort and Marina on stunning Watauga Lake in Hampton, Tennessee, you can do just that. Visitors enjoy fun-filled days on the water and this full-service marina, with a boatload of amenities. There’s even an on-site restaurant, Southern Craft, for fresh local cuisine and breathtaking views of the lake.


An activity that is perfect for lake boating is fishing. Simply cruise around on your boat until you find the perfect spot to anchor, cut the engine and cast. Fishing is one of those activities that’s both relaxing and energizing at the same time. When you get a bite and you’re reeling it in, your adrenaline starts flowing. Whether it’s just for fun or you’re catching your dinner, it’s a very satisfying boat activity.


Lake boating on a sunny day can get quite warm, especially during the spring and summer months. The best way to cool off is to go for a swim right off your boat. Remember to pack all your swim accessories like environmentally friendly sun block, goggles, floaties and life vests. Swimming is good exercise. However, it’s also nice to just bob around in the water in your innertube and let the day flow by.

When you’re ready to do some swimming where you can see your toes, tie up at the Battery Park Marina on Sandusky Bay in Sandusky, Ohio. Not only does this marina have everything a crew and boat could possibly need, it also has a beautiful, heated pool. You can cool off in the crystal-clear pool then relax on a lounge chair and watch the sun dance on the bay. It’s worth mentioning that the marina is also near Cedar Point Amusement Park , a stop sure to make every member of your crew happy!


Port Lorain, June 2021Snorkeling takes swimming up a notch. Boaters spend most of their time looking down at the water. Snorkeling lets you immerse yourself in a magnificent and diverse underwater world. Plus, you’ll find different water animals, plants and organisms in each new lake you take your boat on. All you need are diving masks and a snorkel. Fins are a good additional piece of equipment as they help you cover a larger area.Port Lorain, June 2021

Some people prefer to be in the heart of it all. If you’re one of them, just steps away from vibrant downtown Cleveland, is Oasis Marinas at North Coast Harbor. The 53-slip marina is tucked right into the harbor and walking distance from Cleveland’s most famous sites. While there you can rock out at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or see a Cleveland Browns game at the FirstEnergy Stadium.


Towable boat tubes are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. They come in lots of shapes, colors and sizes, and hold anywhere from two to four or more riders. Basically, you tow the tube behind your boat, and the riders hold on as they skip and splash across the water. Learn more about choosing the right tube for you, by reading Top Ten Boat Tubes for Kids.

Movie Night

If you plan to be on the lake at night, and want to unwind with your family, schedule a movie night on your boat. It’s simple to do, and memorable time together. Have fun picking boating or water-themed movies. Grab some blankets, popcorn and drinks and you are ready to go where your imagination takes you.

Enjoy all the glorious lakes you and the family explore this summer! All our suggestions can make your adventure fun, but sometimes, the best memories are made when there’s no plan at all! Be in the moment and simply listen to and appreciate each other. We can’t wait to see what you get into while on the lake. Send us pictures and let us know on social media which activities your family liked most! Tag us: @OasisMarinas and follow our page to learn more!

Written by: Jo Montgomery