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15 Must-Visit Towns to Experience While Hudson River Boating

New York is one of the many Northeastern states steeped in the history of our country’s birth. This history has left behind many beautiful historical sites, unique cultures, and businesses that have been passed down through generations. One of the best ways to experience as much of this splendor as possible is to go boating on the Hudson River and visit as many of these 15 towns as possible.

1. Troy

If you are a history buff or a culinary connoisseur, you will want to dock your boat in Troy Marina . From the second you step off the boat, you are transported to a simpler time and immersed in the rich history of one of America’s oldest states. Foodies rejoice! Just steps from the marina you can walk into well-known establishments like Dinosaur Bar-B-Que and local favorite, Brown’s Brewing Company. Troy boasts several museums and historical sites, some of which still operate today, like Rensselaer Polytech Institute, one of America’s oldest universities. When you are done enjoying architecture and history, you can take in the beauty of Troy’s public parks, and enjoy the massive fresh Farmer’s Market, happening each Saturday through the summer season.

2. Hudson

If you find yourself on the Hudson River, what better place to visit than the town of Hudson? While you’re there, learn about the town’s risque history and take tours of historic homes. Hudson is also a fantastic town to stroll the mile-long Main Street and shop the many boutiques and antique stores.

3. Cold Spring

Cold Spring may be small but what it offers makes it well worth the trip. Their quaint Main Street has everything you want from a town like this, from antique shops to bookstores. If you don’t have much time to visit Cold Spring, Bannerman Castle is the one place you absolutely need to see. This out-of-the-ordinary castle has a unique history that tour-goers enjoy learning about.

4. Yonkers

Yonkers is an excellent way to break up your tour if you are longing for a modern edge. Yonkers is situated just North of NYC, so suburban sprawl has largely taken over the city. Yonkers finds a balance between the hustle and bustle of a modern city and the quaintness of the other towns on this list. This town has a lot to do, but a visit to the Hudson River Museum should be on your itinerary.

5. Kingston

Kingston has solidified itself as a city for the arts, with many art shows throughout the year and beautiful murals across many buildings. Even if art is not your thing, you will enjoy visiting one of Kingston’s many museums and taking in the historic houses, some of which have been standing since the 1700s. If you are in the mood for a little shopping, head to the Stockade District for a bite to eat and unique boutiques.

6. Beacon

Hudson River boating doesn’t always have to be about the past; when you dock in a town like Beacon, you are welcomed into a youthful, up-and-coming town. This town caters to the urban hipster, so you will find equal parts trendy restaurants and hiking trails to enjoy the great outdoors. A trip to Beacon wouldn’t be complete without enjoying a beverage from the Hudson Valley Brewery.

7. Albany

Albany is the most famous city on this list, partly because it is the New York State capital. Of course, the state capital will be filled with history and museums, but Albany’s true draw is its outdoor spaces. For something different, take a tour of the USS Slater or one of Albany’s historic mansions.

8. Athens

Far from larger cities of the same name around the world, Athens is a quiet town whose biggest draw is probably its lighthouse. This is the perfect town to visit if you want to slow down the pace a little. Athens is the perfect place to eat, drink, and be merry before you head back out on your Hudson River boating trip.

9. Catskill

Not to be confused with the mountain range, an hour’s drive from this small Hudson River town, Catskill, NY, is a quiet ski town with something to offer the whole family. Many artists started their journeys in Catskill, so there is a rich art history here. Visitors can also experience the Hudson River in this town, unlike in other Hudson River towns, thanks to the Skywalk that allows you to walk over the river and see it from a new angle.

10. Rhinebeck

History is everywhere in the eye-catching city of Rhinebeck. Visitors are treated to one of the largest historic districts in the United States, and you can stay at the Beekman’s Arms Inn, one of, if not the oldest, operating inns in the U.S.

11. Cornwall-on-Hudson

This small town is nowhere near as precious as its name may suggest. Visitors to Cornwall-on-Hudson should be ready to enjoy everything you could think of outdoors, from hiking in the mountains to fishing in the river.

12. Coxsackie

If you only do one thing in Coxsackie, it must be catching a movie at the Hi-Way Drive-In theater. A once booming industry, these nostalgic relics from days passed are now few and far between. If you have more time to dock in Coxsackie, check out the weekly farmer’s market from May through October.

13. Haverstraw

Haverstraw is a mixture of sights, history, and culture that sits at the widest part of the Hudson River. The Haverstraw landscape is so photogenic that it has been the backdrop of many movies. Haverstraw was designed to be a pedestrian haven so you can enjoy your days strolling through town or along the bank of the Hudson.

14. Newburgh

Newburgh is a hidden gem often skipped over because it is sandwiched between other Hudson River towns. There is so much to do in this small town that you may go from skipping it to planning a couple of days’ stay. George Washington’s Headquarters, an 85,000-square-foot motorcycle museum, and a vintage emporium are just a few activities that Newburgh has to offer.

15. Nyack

Nyack may sound like someone trying to say New York with a bad imitation of a New York accent, but it is a town all its own. Located less than 20 miles North of Manhattan, Nyack is a popular destination for New Yorkers looking to get a weekend away from the city. Here you will find many modern concepts like the Palisades mall, but you can also enjoy plenty of historical sites. If you are there at the right time of year, you can also take in the wonder of Nyack’s famous street fair.

What Are You Waiting For?

These are only a handful of the many beautiful towns you can visit while boating on the Hudson River. If you are planning a trip on the Hudson, reach out to us to find out more about boating the Hudson and to plan an itinerary. Few people can say they have visited several of the towns on this list, much less experienced the beauty and history of all of them.