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The Boater's Lounge - Ep 12 Kenneth Svendsen & the Future of Oasis

We are thrilled to introduce our boaters, partners, clients and friends to the leader navigating Oasis Marinas into an advanced level of growth and customer experience. Please enjoy this episode and chat discussing t he Future of Oasis with our new Chief Executive Officer, Kenneth Svendsen!

Listen here

Kenneth sits down with Allie to talk through…

  1. His experience building and leading global brands
  2. What attracted him to Oasis
  3. His top priorities for Oasis including brand clarity, establishing a clear mission and having brand integrity
  4. What Kenneth is most excited for in the months and years ahead as the leader of Oasis Marinas

Kenneth joined Oasis in November 2022. To learn more about Kenneth’s impressive background, click here: https://www.oasismarinas.com/post/oasis-marinas-selects-kenneth-svendsen-as-new-chief-executive-officer

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